Renting cars in Latin America for over 10 years

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Renting cars in Latin America for over 10 years
Car rental locations in Dallas


We have over 474 locations in Texas, choose the most convenient!

Preferred pick-up and drop-off locations in Dallas, TX!

Dear traveler:

These are the locations preferred by millions of tourists, they can pick up their rental without paying any extra admin charges at the counter. Miles Car Rental offers vehicles with Taxes, Unlimited Mileage, Basic Roadside Assistance, No Admin Charges on Booking Modifications and more benefits.

Car rental in Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas

Planning on doing some business and shopping in Dallas Downtown? Rent a car to make your driving really comfortable while saving time and money.


Rent the car you need and pick it up at your most convenient location

Rent a car in Dallas at an affordable price with Unlimited Mileage, Taxes and no Admin Charges on Modifications. Compare the best deals on the market and save up to 35%. Pick up and drop off the car anywhere you want, you can also drive between states. Set all that on our website when making your reservation!

Choose from hundreds of convenient locations and rent the ideal car for your trip!

Get your boots on, it’s time to dress up as a cowboy, visit Dallas and you’ll be amazed by the many Texas cultural features! In the early XVI century, spanish navigators arrived in America—In the south of the US, to be precise— they crossed the riverbanks of Rio Grande and Sabine River, they settled in Texas territory in order to breed horses, cows, goats and sheep. That’s where cowboys come from! Visit Texas Horse Park, a tourist ranch where aside from learning to ride a horse you can also wash and take care of foals.

Let your inner adventurer out, discover this place and many others, just like spanish explorers did! Drive all over Dallas in your rental car from prestigious companies, such as: Alamo, Budget, Avis, Hertz and more. You can find lots of available Dallas car rental locations through Miles Car Rental, for example: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, Downtown Dallas and more. Are you ready to explore Dallas and be the next Christopher Columbus? Make your reservation, we guarantee you unbeatable car rental prices!

Rent a car without extra pick-up charges!

Renting a car has never been easier, for that reason, you can select the closest location to your place of arrival so you can pick up the car of your choice in a fast and simple way (SUVs, Economy cars, convertibles, etc.) You can get all the price details and its inclusions on Miles Car Rental so you have no inconveniences or extra charges when picking up the car at the rental location.

Enjoy the wonders of Texas by booking ahead of time while you stay cozy at home, your office or anywhere else. Frequent customers from Miami, Orlando, New York, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale and other US cities, use our car rental services.

Car rental locations in Dallas to drive around Car rental in Dallas TX for an unforgettable trip Passengers in rental car in Dallas

Map of locations near Dallas Airport, Texas

Check our location map to get familiar with addresses, phone numbers and business hours of the available pick-up and drop-off locations in Dallas. One of the most visited tourist destinations in Texas, just like Austin, Houston and San Antonio.

Should you need more information about car rental in Dallas, reach out to our Customer Service Department, our chatbot or read the FAQs section, all your questions will be answered!

*These prices are subject to change and will vary depending on the season of the year, car size, the rental days, the car rental agency, the coverage you purchase, among other optional services.
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