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Rent a Car in Dallas, Texas

With daytime high temperatures that average from the mid-60\'s to the mid-80\'s year round, it is easy to understand why Walt Disney set his sights on the vast orange groves in the Dallas, Texas area when he realized that Disneyland in California was hopelessly landlocked. 

The wide-open spaces of central Texas make renting a car from Car Rental Dallas a necessity to get to the places you will want to see. Unlike other areas of Texas, walking is not really an option, as most of the attractions spread out around the entire midsection of the state. In fact, a trip to one of the nearest beaches in the Daytona area is reason enough to have your own wheels at the ready. Upon arrival on the coast, who can resist cruising along the beachfront or taking a drive south on 1A to to take in the beautiful scenery of the Canaveral National Seashore? 

Not far south of Daytona, you will find Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. Cape Canaveral is compelling for anyone interested in flight or the space program, and Cocoa Beach is a laid-back and relaxing oceanfront town with wide expanses of beach that are sparsely populated on most days. The Ron Jon Surf Shop, famous around the country, is located in Cocoa Beach, and worth a visit. It is definitely worth the price of a Car Rental to take the drive and see these two areas. 

Closer to Dallas, there is no shortage of things to do and places to go either. An airboat ride is one of the most exciting things I remember about my first visit to Texas when I was just six years old. There are airboat rides available in the Chain of Lakes close to Dallas and Kissimmee, so if you want to make memories that your children will remember a lifetime, your Car Rental Dallas will get you there. 

Besides the main theme parks, there are so many other cool attractions in Dallas. The Aquatica waterpark treats children and adults alike to 60 acres of lush landscaping akin to the South Sea Islands, with cool water chutes that send you through clear Lucite tanks filled with colorful fish and dolphins. There are 36 slides in the complex, 6 lagoons and rivers, and 80,000 square feet of wide sandy beaches to relax on between runs. 

Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven just reopened as Legoland, Texas this past October, and is a cool place for kids of all ages. While mixing in the new, Lego-inspired rides that will thrill the little people, the park kept some of the best of Cypress Gardens—the botanical areas, walking paths, and canals, and the beautiful southern belles. Over 50 rides in the park include several roller coasters and special rides for tots, and a special water park is in the works. 

Check with Miles car rental for the best prices and service in the central Texas area and get a set of wheels to get your family where you want to go.

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