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Hertz Car Rental in Dallas, Texas

A Hertz car rental is available for anyone who lives in the Dallas area and needs to borrow a vehicle at a reasonable price. If a person’s main vehicle breaks down, he or she can invest in renting a car while their personal vehicle is being repaired. If the family would like to go on vacation, the consumer can reserve the perfect automobile to travel in style. A person who just wants to try something different for a few days is also welcome to rent a vehicle. No matter what the need is for a car rental, Hertz Car Rental has exactly what the customer needs.

Cars at Hertz Car Rental Dallas

Hertz Car Rental Dallas counts with a wide variety of clean, comfortable, classy vehicles from which the customers can choose. Budget conscious customers can choose from a selection of green economy vehicles that get the most out of the tank without harming the environment. Customers who desire a bit more room can select from an inventory of standard vehicles. Consumers with large families can secure a durable dazzling SUV or van. Individuals who are looking for something elegant and sleek will have plenty to choose from in Hertz’s Prestige collection. For those who have a need for speed, Hertz offers quite a few high-thrills, high-adrenaline vehicles.

Deals at Hertz Car Rental Dallas

In addition to having the best inventory to choose from, Hertz customers can also enjoy some deals and specials. Clients who need to rent a vehicle for an entire week can benefit from discounted weekly prices. Additionally, there are special discounts for vehicles of certain classes. Customers can ride in style without paying an arm and a leg. Individuals who reserve a vehicle today can also enjoy a percentage discount on their reservation. With Hertz Car Rental Dallas, the deals just keep coming in.

How to Reserve a Vehicle

Reserving a vehicle from Hertz Car Rental is very easy. The individual can use the online tool to pick a time, date for pickup, and drop off time. He or she can then select from various vehicle types offered. The system will automatically check the inventory and search for the best possible rates for the customer. The customer will get a breakdown of the pricing, passenger capacity and vehicle features. If the client decides to reserve the vehicle, he or she will need to provide a small amount of information and agree to the rental terms and agreements. From there, the customer can walk into the Hertz location and pick up his or her dream car in a matter of minutes.

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